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The Kiernan Surfing Association began as a surfing club, founded in 1965 by a group of young wave riders. They began their club in the local waters of Long Branch New Jersey. Most recently KSA has decided to expand its mission to include a nonprofit extension of their love for the ocean.

Collaborative partnerships

The nonprofit branch of this Club.....Kiernan Surfing Association,  is devoted to inspiring conservation of  local oceans, waters, coastal environments, and the wildlife that call it their home. KSA is the only non-profit 501-(c)3 that dedicates its charitable efforts to Monmouth County.


KSA works hard to support conservation through collaborative partnerships and educational programs in Monmouth County. It is the belief of our distinguished founders that our efforts can help to  preserve the local  marine waters  that they  enjoyed surfing  over the past 5 1/2 decades.

Please make your tax-deductible charitable donation to work with us to keep Long Branch / Monmouth County waters, beaches, coastal wildlife, and our shore community vital and healthy for generations to enjoy. 


Your generous donation will help us fulfill our call to action for a cleaner environment in 2021 in the following ways .

KSA day September 26,2020. Memorializing past surfing legends in our community. Your donation will help us to memorialize local surfers and community members during our annual paddle out.

KSA, 2020 scholarship / grant.

2021, spring fundraiser.

2021 surfing academy in partnership with county parks.

2021 outreach events to help educate our community about coastal environmental efforts.

2021, KSA Day, September Event.

2021, KSA scholarship for a local teen to help support the education of the next generation of environmental stewards .

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Membership enrollment will remain open until Mid-September. please support KSA, enroll or donate today…With much ALOHA, MAHALO Kiernan Surfing Association.                                                             


First 150, One Time Enrollment,
Your a Lifetime Founding Member
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Support KSA by becoming a KSA member. Except our gratitude for

your support. Please share. Ask a friend.




480 Neptune Ave

 Long Branch 07740-7719


Stop the Sea of Plastic

Surf Academy

educational programs

KSA Scholarship

enforcing environmental laws

Sea Grass Planting

outreach events

It's a Keeper


$10 helps protect your local coast.

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